4 models of Komatsureed are designed by the image of 4 seasons.


4 seasons: Thousand-million-time of reflain of the sacred breathing, Rythme of earth, song of air, harmony of sea: Each model includes the character of its season.


The respect of the maker to the blessed nature is shwon in the common character of 4 models, such as the clear response and the dense sound. As the nature hugs humans in its arms, Komatsureed supports your enthusiasm to express and love to the music.


All Komatsureeds are made of Spanish cane, French thread, Natural vernish.


Model of Spring ・Knochenhauer shape




Model of Summer ・Straight shape#1 (narrow tip, wide tube)  Sunrise-Orange


Model of Fall ・Straight shape#2( wide tip, narrow tube) Noble-Beige


Model of Winter ・ Mechler shape